Anything To Pass The Class

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Ruth 6 years ago
I was in College and I was Felling my Class and I Needed to pass the class to receive my Masters Degree. I Am 60 year old Woman. So I Made a Appointment To Talk to Teacher. So I Ask him What I Good Do To Make Up The Class. I Sucked his Cock. And he Wanted To Fuck My Ass Hole. Wow His Cock was So Big In My Ass . He Was Riding My Ass For A Long Time !! But I Graduate . He told Me that his Office is Always Open To Me!!
MARK 4 years ago
TARUN 9 years ago
I like this video and I have also done a sex with science teacher and also am sure that there is another part too.
Love 7 years ago
So sexy
ooooooooohhhhhhh 4 years ago
fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee with tha super sausaaaaaaaaage...
arun 7 years ago
So sexy
Peewee 8 years ago
I'd rather suck off a big old dick than eat a stinky 60 year pussy which I did for passing grades.
nane 8 years ago
is goode
Samson 10 years ago
What a SCHLONG! He sure puts it to good use!
WTF 8 years ago
its sad he has to hold his dick to keep it hard